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About the History of CG

This site aims to be the first comprehensive source of Computer Graphics history and information. Our goal is to catalog original stories about the projects, people, events, and organizations that make up the collective history of the field. To do so, we’ve reached out to key players who have contributed to the development of computer graphics over the last 50 years, to share their experiences and knowledge of the events and developments that have brought computer graphics to where they are today.

In such a rapidly developing field, we believe that this history will be best told by the people that participate in it. The History of CG database allows users to freely explore and add to the content of our site, capturing the rich and diverse history of this exciting field.

Our content is regularly reviewed by SIGGRAPH Pioneers, to ensure accuracy and encourage relevant and complete entries.

The available online sources about compter graphics history are fragmented, incomplete and deal with basic facts. Our project focuses on the personal stories and connections between the people behind the pixels.

About the Creators

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Meet the team

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Connie Chan


Designer &

Connie is a designer, front-end developer, and a senior finishing up her time at Northeastern University. Currently working as the design lead in a growing Boston startup, she's also been part of the teams at The Boston Globe, Bionic Hippo, and various other ventures. Her portfolio can be found at

Michelle Gayowski


Designer &

Michelle is a graphic designer who proudly hails from the small farm town of Boxborough, Massachusetts. Apart from design, she likes photography, traveling, and reading Boston Metro horoscopes. She has worked in the fast-paced NYC fashion industry, in a hands-on local sign shop, and with a small group at a cozy design firm in Boston. Post-graduation, she plans to scrape up new experiences doing freelance projects while moving around the US. To contact her, please visit

Stefano D'Amico



Stefano D'Amico is a software engineer with a love for the web and coffee. He is currently a senior and dual major of Computer Science and Interactive Media at Northeastern University. After school, his entrepreneurial spirit will bring him to San Francisco to join one of many startups in the area and to pursue his dream of opening a cafe.

Amy Schaffer



Amy Schaffer is a senior at Northeastern University studying Computer Science and Interactive Media. When she's not coding, she loves to relax with yoga or a good television show. One day she hopes to use her knowledge of the programming and digital art worlds to help her become an amazing project manager for game or animation development.

James Staub


Project Manager

James Staub is a Boston based musician and a senior in Northeastern University's Interactive Media program. James composes and performs music in many styles, with a particular interest in electroacoustic and interactive music technologies. He is currently working as a media coordinator for the PULSE music method through the Berklee College of Music.

Terrence Masson


Mastermind &

With 25 years of production experience Terrence’s work includes feature film (Star Wars), interactive (SimCity4) and award-winning short animated films (Bunkie & Booboo). He also single-handedly developed the CG pipeline for SouthPark. Terrence consults with major production studios on creative development, is a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society and active in SIGGRAPH since 1988, including 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair and 2010 Conference Chair

Brian Sullivan



Brian Sullivan is a computer game designer and entrepreneur known for developing Titan Quest and the Age of Empires series of games. He is also the co-founder of Iron Lore Entertainment and Ensemble Studios. Brian won the 1998 Computer Game Developers Association (GDC) Spotlight Award for Achievement in Game Design for his work on Age of Empires.

The New Crew

Meet the team

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Matt Gowie

Matt Gowie

Fall 2014 Software Engineer and Current Maintainer

Matt is an old student and friend of Terrence's. He's the current maintainer of History of CG. He runs Masterpoint Consulting where he focuses on Cloud Consulting. He currently lives in Boulder, CO and enjoys getting outdoors rock climbing.

You can find out more about Matt @

Kyle Montag


Spring 2013 Developer

Kyle is a graduating senior Computer Science and Interactive Media major. His favorite hobbies are programming, playing video games, and massaging his sideburns. When not in front of a computer, Kyle enjoys reading graphic novels and playing bass. After working at Sonicbids on the Sonichub project Kyle became addicted to Django. Kyle has been adding features and fixing bugs in the new Django-based version of History of CG.